Plugin Redesigned

Request to every one: Please Deactivate and reactivate plugin once on update

Hello everyone out there,

It’s been great to find everyone having fun with my plugin, and it has been quite a satisfaction being the developer for it. I am sorry for not being able to provide adequate support sometimes, but have tried to help as much as possible in my free time. This time i have completely redesigned the plugin so as to provide a better User Interface and increase the performance.

I have rolled out the new version 1.6 of Ultimate Post Type Manager today and here are few of its features.


Internationalized the Plugin

I have added the POT for to the plugin for further translation, I would be really thankful to everyone who can help translate the plugin in their local language.

Template Definition

The users can now define the default template to be used for display of a Custom Post Type’s Post. This can be done from Custom Post Type Create/Edit Page

Import/Export Custom Post Types

This would be a great advancement for designers and developers who can now reuse the created Custom Post Types. Associated Custom Fields are also exported at the time of Export.

New Custom Fields

This is super awesome now, I have added 5 new Custom Field on board namely Image, Link, Rich Text Area, and the best one being an Image Gallery.

Tabbed User Interface in Edit Post Screen

A tabbed interface for various custom field exists, Different tabs are created for different types of field.They are added only for NON Basic fields which is currently only Gallery.
Make your Own Custom Field

Now developers can also add their own Custom Fields by just writing a  class and adding it to Plugin, I will shortly add a tutorial over it.

It has been a great plugin for customizing Custom Post Types, hope every one will like this release. IF YOU LIKE THE PLUGIN THEN PLEASE DONATE ME, TO LET ME HAVE SOME INTEREST OVER THIS.




Web Designer / Web Developer / Software Developer / Student

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  1. Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /mypath/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-post-type-manager/class-fieldType.php:100) in /mypath/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 897

    Please fix immediately, as this brekas every kind of update on the blog.

  2. Looks like your plugin is not yet prepared to work on multi-lingual sites. With qTranslate it outputs

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
    (output started at /my-path/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-post-type-manager/class-fieldType.php:100)
    in /my-path/wp-content/plugins/qtranslate/qtranslate_core.php on line 71

    qTranslate is a VERY popular plugin for internationalization and has installation base of around 250 000.

    Could you please have a look into conflict and give me idea on what hooks or filters you can add to make it qTranslate compatible?

  3. Fatal error: Class ‘checkbox’ not found in /is/htdocs/wp1181853_GDZT8LWQTU/www/sportwettenweltcom/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-post-type-manager/index.php on line 298

    how do i fix this. entire site not working after update!!!

    • Can you please Update to latest version and deactivate and reactivate the plugin, and Please let me know about the same.


      • Ok i got my nightly backup and put up the old plugin version. things work again now.

        as allready said deactivating and activating didnt help.please let me know when it is fixed

  4. Still same after deactivation and activation

    • Please update to ver 1.6.4, and reactivate, let me know.:(

      • oh allright ill try, just a sec got my backup so nothing bad can happen right 🙂

      • Did you update again coz I made some changes and updated the plugin.

        I guess there shouldn’t be any problems with backup, But still bear it with me coz on my end it’s working well and fine.


      • Ok that solves that, its working again.

        But i got another problem now:
        [xydac_field]fieldname[/xydac_field] is returning the fieldvalue more then once now. i saw 2 and 3 times.
        So instead of “value” my site displays “value” “value” “value” 😦

  5. OK atleast 1 problem is solved,
    Did you reactivate again ?
    also can you send me a screenshot of the display..??

    • here you go:
      this is my php-code in the single-view-php for a custom type:

      the value of field mobile is “Nein” for example. It used to display “Nein” on my page like expected. Now after the update it displays “NeinNeinNein”

      • sorry here the code again

        <?php echo htmlspecialchars_decode(do_shortcode('[xydac_field]mobile[/xydac_field]')) ?>
  6. Ok can you make this change and let me know if this fixes :
    in index.php on plugin files on line number 276



    if(($field['field_type']==$k) &amp;&amp; ($field['field_name']==$text))

    This should fix the issue.

    • Hello,

      thank you for the quick help. This fixed the issue!

      Everything seems to work fine now 🙂

      I just did send you 15 Bucks as a donation for the plugin, which im very happy with beside todays update 🙂


      • Glad to know everything works fine now. The issues that we are getting is because i almost redesigned the complete plugin and had given a lot of time and effort into it so that new field types can be added by any one.

        Will be coming with a tutorial soon so that users can add there own Field types.

        Thank you very much for appreciating my effort and for the donation as well, Do let me know your website to be added to donation list.:)


      • Yah I saw you changed alot in there, when i compared to old plugin. Definitly looking forward to tutorial.
        The site im using it on is (

        keep up the good work!

  7. I get a problem when I try to do a check box or radio button. First off, with the radio button when I can select multiple choices when I was hoping once I pressed a second choice it would deselect the first one or else it kind of does the same thing as a check box. Secondly, whenever I make a choice the post just says “Array” no matter what choice was chosen. I’m really new to this so could be on my end but any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you so much!

    • Hey Casey,
      Sorry for that minor bug, that was because i copied a part of code from Checkbox. I have updated the plugin for the same.Update to latest version and you are done.


  8. The plugin looks VERY useful, but for some reaason, It does not saves the custom fields on my config.
    Is it just me , or is it a known issue ?? (wp 3.1.3)

    • It should be saving the custom field, but if it’s not saving for some reasons first you should update your wordpress and plugin to latest versions. and then let me know if it doesn’t work.


  9. This is a great plugin. I would like to request to have a New Custom Field Type for “Date”.

  10. It’s there a easy way to migrate from custom post type UI to Ultimate post type manager?

    i tryed to recreate the options of my old post type, most of them are 0k but I noticed that yours have more, when I re-created one of my post type in UPTM the content is missing o.O

    I could be great to give the import option a way to import the raw register_post code that could be added in functions


  11. I am having trouble because I store dates in custom fields I created with your tool and then I try to use those dates in other SQL queries, but now the data stored in the meta_value field in the database looks like it has a bunch of array-type extra characters in it.

    How do I get out just the dates?

    • It depends on the way you used to take out values. You can use the shortcode `[xydac_field]{fieldname}[/xydac_field]` within contents to take out values, or you can use do_shortcode(‘[xydac_field]{fieldname}[/xydac_field]’) when using php in template. Or if you used get_post_meta, then just change the function name to xydac_get_post_meta()
      Do let me know if you have it solved.


      • I was unsuccessful with the following:

        The method that worked for me was to use:
        xydac_cpt_shortcode(”, ‘fieldname’);

      • Hey,
        xydac_get_post_meta isn’t support to work that way, it works in the same way as get_post_meta().
        get_post_meta takes three parameter `get_post_meta($post_id, $key, $single = false)`
        you need to supply these three to `xydac_get_post_meta($post_id, $key, $single = false)` as well.

        But`do_shortcode` should be working as `xydac_cpt_shortcode()` is working for you, anyways if you are comfortable with `xydac_cpt_shortcode()` then there is no problem with that.:)


      • Aha, I just figured out you don’t need the brackets around the fieldname.
        This worked:

  12. Hey, I noticed that I don’t have the option to make a post of CPT “sticky”. Is there a reason for this? I imagine it might mess up some internals… I just wanted to ask before diving in myself. Save me some headache?

  13. Hello.

    I’m using your nice plugin with version 3.2 of wordpress but I have a problem with the image editor. Attached is the screen so you can understand:

    I get the error activating your plugin.

    Can you help? Thanks in advance

  14. when I create a richtextarea field, the plugin creates a textarea field, not rich.
    there’s a minor bug or I’m stupid? 😀

    thanks for you answer.

  15. Hi… I love the plugin so much I donated…!
    I’m creating some very “custom” stuff for a client, and I wonder if there is a way of grouping Custom Fields into a block…

    For instance: Group01—>Field01, Field02, Field03 — Group02—>Field04, Field05, Field06

    This would be perfect!



  16. Upgraded to wordpress 3.2.1 (plugin Version 1.6.9) and all custom fields using this plugin are empty on a clients website, is there an update in progress to fix this? ps great plugin!

  17. I updated to wordpress 3.2 and you update – no problems, expect a big one: I can´t see my custom post type in the admin-menu anymore! Please could you give me a hint?

    I used the Ultimate Post Type Manager last version and updated also. I can see the custom post type, and the “sites” I made with. but I can´t put in new, because there is no menu-point anymore 😦

  18. I have found two problems with the latest plugin version:

    1. In WP 3.2, the distraction free writing mode is affected by this plugin. Elements that should become invisible stays visible. First reported on forum.

    2. In WP 3.3 beta the plugin cretes a huge edtor on top of all admin pages. This totally destroy the admin layout, but I don’t know other effects yet. But I think this is a quite serious bug, and WP 3.3 are coming soon.

    Do have the time to look into this?

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