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This is an Easy to use Plugin to Create, Customize, Manage Custom Post Type.Do all you want to do with you Posts
This plugin is an Easy to use Custom Post Type Manager to Customize Post Types, with great User Interface.

Download now!

Help Note: If you don’t Understand anything then just fill the name of Custom Post Type and create it, Laterย researchย new features.

Some Cool Features

  • Create Custom Post Types.
  • Customize every detail of Post Type.
  • Create Rewrites for Permalink
  • Manage Supported Feature such as Title,Content,Excerpt,Comments etc.
  • Very Easy to use interface.
  • Create Custom Fields for any Post Type
  • Custom Field of Types Text, Textarea, Combo-box.
  • Use Shortcode to display Custom Fields.[xydac_field]{field_name}[/xydac_field]

Screenshot : Custom Post Type View

Ultimate Post Type Manager

Screenshot : Ultimate Post Type Manager

Ultimate Post Type Manager

Screenshot : Custom field on Post Page

Ultimate Post Type Manager

Do let me know of your comments and suggestion for improving this plugin or if you find some feature of the plugin not working.

Update :

Version 1.5….Download from WordPress Plugin
* Custom Field Orders
* UI Improvement
* Updates all available options for WordPress 3.1
* Fixed Bugs
* Fixed Checkboxes and Radiobuttons.

  1. I was needing this plugin since the lauching of WordPress 3.0. Thanks for this.

  2. Good release plugin for complete my site. Thank You for sharing this plugin.

  3. Nice Work! This will proove to be a very popular plugin.

    I preffer doing it in the code personally.


  4. Hey.
    Thanks for a great plugin!

    One question:
    I have two post types created with the plugin and want to write them out in different loops.. Any suggestions?

  5. hi Xydac, i have tested your plugin and it work great

    one questios is if it possible to deativate the post content editor or have some optons to do it like custom post type ui

    but a nice feature is that it work very nice with csv importer in the sense that this last can import custom taxonomies created with your plugin. great!

  6. Hi!

    Great plugin!

    I’m doing a network-wp site with 1 main site and 30 sub-sites.

    Is there a way to make a custom post type available for all sub-sites?

    I tried defining one on the main site, but none of the subsites sees it, and obviously doing the same custom-post-type 30 times is going to be a nightmare (one edit = 30 edits)

  7. Hi!
    I’have trouble to use this plugin. I made a post type, but not shown in the admin menu.

  8. @Petter : Can you please elaborate your situation.
    @pescadito : Check out the features section there already a setting to deactivate it.,Thanks for enjoying the plugin.
    @Acebone : The plugin hasn’t been made that way,Its made to create different post type for all different sites on network. I’ll try to make a workaround as soon as i get some time free.
    $George : Did you set Show UI to false in options panel.

    – Sorry for getting late on support, I am actually very busy these days.


  9. How do you control the display of the Custom Field outputs on the actual post after inputting the information?



  10. Thank you for this awesome plugin. Feature request: More custom field types (radio button, upload, checkbox).

  11. Wonderful plugin! This is just what I wanted!
    Thank you.

  12. I can create a new post type and add custom fields,
    I can then create a new post of this type and the fields are for me to input the data.

    Great so far.

    When I save and then view, I don’t see the fieldnames or the data. This is a bit confusing because why would I not want to what I just entered into my new post?

    So, I read your notes and see I actually have to refence each field again in the body of the post. OK, this can be useful for placing the fields wherever I want and changing the formatting/style of each field.
    To try this out I switch to HTML view and type:
    [xydac_field]Other Notes[/xydac_field]

    Other Notes is one of my custom fields, it’s the label.

    I try Preview to see if it works – it doesn’t.

    Now, I have no doubt that this does work, otherwise there would be no point in releasing it, so what am I doing wrong?

    Once I’ve cracked it, I believe this might be one of the most useful plug-ins there is ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hi,
    it’s possibile to disable “Automatically adds display of all post types to homepage and Feeds.”
    and how?

  14. Is it possible to rewrite the permalink based on a custom field? (such as an event start date prepending the post slug)?

    • I don’t think that’s possible with the plugin currently , and that may be because custom fields are not required fields by default. But it can be made.


  15. Hey Xydac,

    I’d say a plugin that allows ‘someone who’s brand new to WP and fairly new to developing websites’ to feel comfortable playing around with custom post types, is doing a great job ๐Ÿ™‚
    And since you in fact did do a great job, and that ‘someone’ described about is in fact me, I’m now trying to create a new, hierarchical post type (‘monxies’). For this CTP I’d then need 2 parent posts (‘Mostly Cuddly’ and ‘Mostly Curious’), hoping that that’ll allow me to create child posts like: ‘Samp Lime, Mostly Cuddly monxie’, and ‘Woahly Dream, Mostly Curious monxie’.

    This all leads up to two questions:
    (1) Judging from my explanation would you say a hierarchical CTP is the best way to in this case?

    (2) If so, I found the option to allow for hierarchical posts, but how should I go about creating the meta box to allow me to enter the parent? Or should that be done automatically and did I forget to ‘flip the switch’?

    Hope you can help me out!
    And thanks so much for going through all this text ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Hello Marleen,

      Firstly tell me if you are talking about taxonomy manager or post type manager.

      Now if you are talking of taxonomy, then it’s pretty simple to add a hierarchical taxonomy to a post type using Ultimate Taxonomy Manager.

      If you are talking of creating a hierarchical post type then i couldn’t get what you mean, Can you tell a more detailed scenario.


      • Ah, I see.

        I was indeed talking about (from my understanding) creating a hierarchical post type using CPT Manager; so that’s probably where my newness-to-WP is causing us trouble ๐Ÿ™‚

        I’ll try to explain it better:
        I sell one-of-a-kind, handmade soft toy creatures, which are called ‘monxies’. Every single monxie is unique; they all have a name, their own (short) story and a pretty photo shoot style portrait picture.

        What I’d like to do is create a new post type, called ‘monxies’ and a post template to accompany that post type, so that I can showcase every monxie in its own post. (It’s just showcasing, the sales don’t go through the blog, but through the ‘adoption desk’ on my site ๐Ÿ™‚ )
        I want it to be hierarchical, because these monxies come in two different ‘species’; namely Mostly Cuddly and Mostly Curious, so I’d like to be able to organize them through a hierarchy, as children of the ‘mostly cuddly’ and mostly curious’ parent monxie posts.

        So, reading your reply (thanks so much for the speedyness of that by the way!), I’m now thinking that I should indeed create the post type ‘monxies’ using CPT Manager, but create a new taxonomy ‘Species’ using Taxonomy Manager.

        Does that sound more intelligible? Sorry for the confusion, I realize my limited knowledge of WP isn’t making it easy to explain the problem…

        Thanks for you time! ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. Marleen,
    I think you got that right, Taxonomies are solution to your problem, and hope you would have installed Ultimate Taxonomy manager by now.
    You can create a Hierarchical taxonomy there, just as you have said.

    Let me know if you need any help from me..


  17. Yay!

    Looks like that’s the pointer I needed ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks so much for your quick response,
    and thank you for the plugin warnings to ‘only use these when you know what you’re doing’ for some features; clearly that’s a pointer I needed as well ๐Ÿ˜‰


  18. Thanks for this. It’s the only plugin I have found that works with custom themes without having to alter the theme files. Makes it quick and easy. Thank you.

  19. Great plugin.

    But I have trouble with editing custom fields. Only the first custom field will load into editing by clicking on the field name. For the rest the edit controls are just blanked.

    Also a problem updating Singular Name for a CPT. It won’t stick after updating it. Even if I edit it in the database the Singular Name is immediately overwritten by the CPT name.

    • Hi Knut,
      There is a minor problem with custom fields and i’ll be updating it by tonight, but i couldn’t get the issues with singular name. Can you try that again because on my test server there is no problem with it.


  20. Hi there,
    I am trying to set up the permalinks so all posts have “.html” at the end and I’m kinda stuck. I have set up the permalinks for normal posts and then in the Advanced options for my custom post type I have:
    Rewrite: True
    With Front: False
    But nothing happens. Can you help me?

    • Hey,
      I really haven’t done that yet so i don’t think i would be the correct person to help you out any sooner,
      I am trying to learn how to use it, when i get to know I’ll definitely update it online
      and sorry for the delay…


  21. How can I add the custom fields in a template rather then using shortcodes?

    • Hey Ryan,
      You should use the do_shortcode function inside loop in the template to use it in the most simple way, else you would have to write the code for fetching whatever data you want to show, out of DB…


  22. I love you Ultimate Post Type Manager plugin!

    I would love it if I could have TinyMCE as an option instead of textarea. Thank you!

    • I’ll see that i can do in support of it……


      • To add the tinyMCE functionality, you could turn all the textareas into tinyMCE editors with the following snippet on line 23 of cptfields.php. This assumes you are using jquery and tinyMCE elsewhere in your site, of course.

        jQuery(document).ready(function() {
        if ( typeof( tinyMCE ) == ‘object’ &&
        typeof( tinyMCE.execCommand ) == ‘function’ ) {
        tinyMCE.execCommand(‘mceAddControl’, true, ‘$tmceid’);

        It wouldn’t be too hard to also add it to the list of options, though.

  23. Hi, awesome plugin! but i’m having problems when try to display de custom post (called ‘book)’ in a page view (using page template setup).
    This is the error:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object query.php on line 27

    This happens after activate ultimate post type manager, is deactive all works fines. Sorry my english. thanks

    • Hey,
      There is no query.php associated with my plugin, so i think this might be a problem with something else.try deactivating any pther similar plugin and let me know what happpened.


      • I am also seeing this, with nothing but your plugin installed on 3.0.3

      • Furthermore its line 592 of index.php:
        $my_post_type = get_query_var( ‘post_type’ );

        Which is causing the problem.

      • hi, tanks for the anwser. i deactive all the other plugins, buts still happens. Try uploading the entirely site three times and still give me the same erros. Now i upload the entire site, without the UPTM.
        I cant explains whats or were the problems is, but i think two posibbilities.
        One, the failure is in the page template although the querys and strings are workling perfectly when is deactive, showing me post and all the stuff setting up.

        Or maybe the plugin, when is active, is changing the value of global querys setting in query.php, but you make me know thats not possible… so, i dont know how to solve it.

        This make me anger, because your plugins is better and more costumizable than other im using now, but i cant get it work without this issued.

        thanks for your time,

      • Hey,
        i think there can be a problem, but may be i am not understanding the query..So can you please tell
        1. What you are trying to do,
        2. How you are doing it.(also specify code if possible).

        I’ll definitely try to fix if there is an issue.


      • Hello ,

        I have tried to add tiny mce but its not working for me.
        Can you please add this functionality to your plugin asap ?


  24. Hi, sorry my english.. in my opinion your plugin colaborates to one of the greatest evolutions on dashboard interface, thanks a lot, it’s so easy to use.
    I observed the update “Now Add default Post Tags and Category to any Post type.”. Where can I register the default category to a post type I have created with Ultimate Post Type Manager? Thanks to help!

  25. Hi xydax, i’m trying to create a over of the items in my page type, this is my code:

    while ( $loop->have_posts() ) : $loop->the_post();

    the_title( ‘‘, ‘‘ );


    But i dont get a correct reply, the code : echo do_shortcode('[xydac_field]url[xydac_field]');
    echoes: ArrayurlArray
    and var_dump( do_shortcode('[xydac_field]diensten[xydac_field]')); echoes: string(18) "ArraydienstenArray"
    So no values…

    what am i doing wrong? attribute url is a textfield… and diensten are 5 checkboxes

    • Hey Nico,
      There is a bug with checkboxes and radiobuttons, which i will fix in next version coming out soon.
      But Textfield should work just fine.

      Please wait for next version…


  26. I don’t quite understand how to use the permalinks.

    Just like on a regular post, the permalink url is:

    domain/[category hierarchy]/post-title

    However, the default url permalink is:


    I would like to do the same thing with a custom post that happens with a normal post. How do I make the url of a custom post type’s url include the category hierarchy?

    (I have already turned on categories – i just don’t understand how to use Permalink_EPMASK if that even is what I should be using).

  27. Hi XYDAC team, great plugin… i have the same problem that Knut Sparhell… On the plugin admin panel when i try to edit a custom field for a post type all the text boxes are blank.

    Another problem is when i am editing a post of the custom post type de custom fields appear twice… my custom field on XYDAC panel section and again on my Custom Fields section

    I am using WordPress 3.0.3

  28. Hello Everyone,
    Just finished making all changes and updated to new version 1.5.Please download and check it out. I haven’t been able to test much of it so there might be some minor bugs. Please let me know if you encounter any.

    @BeN : Update to latest version and you won’t be having the problem any more. The inbuilt custom panel shows all the available Custom fields so it would be better if you disable it in Screen Option on the top right corner.If you have any other custom field you can move it to panel by creating a custom field with same name.

    @Joshua : usually using of category in permalink creates a performance issue, so some people avoid using it, but if you still want to use it that way then you would have to write the permalink for the custom field yourself, It is not supported by the plugin.

    @Eduardo : Check out the Features option, you will find the option for adding default tags and category in the bottom.

    @airegla : I would definetly want to know if you still encounter the bug or your issue is resolved.

    Thank you everyone and Enjoy the next version of the plugin…..and moreover Happy New Year to all my users…..:)

  29. Hey XYDAC, great plugin!

    I have 2 notes, 1 bug, and 1 question:

    How do I show the custom fields? I created the custom post types with custom fields (and i removed the normal post area), and when I view the post, it doesn’t show any information.

    Also, on the new version, the field order does not work when you add a new field, only upon editing an old one.



    • Hey Steve,

      It’s not supposed to show anything automatically,try reading instruction before asking such question. you can use xydac_field short code
      and regd the bug, can u pls tell me the version of WP you are using.


      • Hey XYDAC,

        I didn’t find the info I needed (I had looked). I am pretty new to wordpress, and didn’t understand the shortcodes (what they were or where to put them). I have since figured it out.

        My wordpress is 3.0.4

        Thanks for the great plugin!


    • To anyone else who encounters this error,

      Go into the plugin editor and open the ultimate-post-type-manager/cptfields.php file. You need to find line 272 which reads:

      $p_forder = $frow[‘field_order’];

      and change the frow to _POST so that it reads:

      $p_forder = $_POST[‘field_order’];

  30. This plugin gets more excellent by each update. I have been using it with success to create courses (handicraft related) with custom fields for number, prices and teachers. Then I jave cusom taxonomies for places (address, bulding, room, hierarchical) and things to bring along (flat, tag like).

    I have made my own plugin to show the custom fields in the CPT’s display automatically, by running the shortcode and injecting the result. My idea is that this could be included i this plugin as an option. Show a two-column table topleft,. topcenter, topright, bottomleft, bottomcenter or bottomright. This could show the custom fields. Disable on individual posts by option, or if a xydac shortcode is already used.

    • Hey Knut,
      Thats very nice of you to come with an idea like that, would be great if you could send me some codes that you had written, I really don’t want to dig much into it..


  31. I am using WordPress 3.0.4 and i upgrade the plugin to 1.5

    I receive a lot of notice errors… is the plugin Compatible with WP 3.0.4 ??

    • Hey BeN,
      There is no compatibility issue with 3.0.4 and everything is just fine,
      there are two ways to actually remove these warnings.
      1. go to ultimate post type manager control panel and just open all post types and save them once.
      2. just ignore the errors and add @ on line number 475,476,483,484,485 on index.php page of ultimate post type manager.

      I just forgot to make the update to database and that won’t be much of an issue to most of the users.
      Sorry for that…:(


    • Also you will need to update the menu name label….


  32. Simply awesome your plugin ๐Ÿ˜€ But I have a feature request for “Custom Fields” and it would be great if you could implement this. Currently you “only” support 5 field types:
    Text, Textarea, Combobox, Radiobutton and Checkbox.

    It would be great if there would be a “File” and a “FileList” type. Think of those examples:

    – You have a post type “Product Release” and want to add a list of files to any post providing downloads.
    – You have a post type “Project” and want to add a list of screenshots to any post.

    In the UI you’ll a list of label-button combinations. The button allows you to select any file from your media library. The label will display the filename or a small image preview.


    • Hey Daniel,
      I think that would be a bit complicated, and there’s already a lot of features in the plugin.

      I’ll try if i find some free time then i would definitely add it up…

      Thanks for making a request.:p


      • You could simply use a hidden Textarea as Storage for the file list. Add a new Button opening the media browser and add the selected file to textbox. You could simply use javascript to update the UI. i.e. to generate a list of Text-Delete-Button combinations. The delete button simply deletes the specified line from the textbox and refreshes the full ui.

        The only hard thing is to create the “add” button. I’m not sure if the WP mediabrowser has an api.

  33. I am really wanting to use your plugin to expand the possibilities with wordpress. However I have encountered a problem.

    It seems when I try to save anything in a custom field (in an actual post) I get a blank page when I hit ‘update’. The info is saving but I have to use the back button or navigate back to wp-admin to continue editing my site.

    I hope I am explaining this clearly.

  34. Please dont publish or take any concern with my previous question, I found out what happened, it was something wrong in a theme I was trying

  35. Is there any way to put the custom fields in the sidebar of the editing page, rather than below the text entry window? For my needs, that would clean things up significantly.

    • i think you can just move it where ever you want by dragging the title??


      • How about on the main custom-post-type list page?
        It would sure be great to be able to use Quick Edit to update the custom fields instead of having to open the editor for each post to get to the entry box.

  36. Hi.

    This is a really great plugin. Its quite nice to see all the available options.

    I have a small problem though. I created a custom type, then published two posts in the new type. Now they are showing in the loop which is quite undesirable in my case. Is there an option (or a hack of the loop) to prevent this?


    • Hi dandellion,
      I am not quite able to understand your problem.Can you please come up with an image..It would be easier to understand the problem visually..
      @fgrivel : I think you’ll need to rewrite the custom permalink manually..


  37. Hi,

    First, thank you so much for this great plugin!

    I’m trying to get a “dynamic” permalink like “/%year%/%postname%/”. Is there a way to do that with the rewrite stuff?

    Thank you!

  38. Dude, this is so amazing! I will definitely will donate you something, as soon as I can!

    Only one big question for me, how the hell can I design the output??? I mean, where can I edit the “template” ??? …or create one.

    I created a post type, created some custom fields – everythings cool, but when I looked at the permalink then, there are only the normal fields like tile and text, without any custom field – so the question now is: How I bring everything together now? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Please help me out, Iยดm really absolutely donยดt get how to solve my problem… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • …I just read some of the comments here above…

      Please, donยดt tell me there is no possibility to show the custom field… !?

      “Use Shortcode to display Custom Fields.[xydac_field]{field_name}[/xydac_field]”

      WHERE can I use that shortcode??? I mean, how can I make a template for my post-type ??? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  39. Hi OtaQ,
    Sorry for the delay,
    You can google how to create single post template and regarding adding data of the form to post you can use the code

    echo do_shortcode('[xydac_field]{short-code-name}[/xydac_field]');
    echo do_shortcode('[xydac_field]xy_project[/xydac_field]');

    You could just customize the template in the way you wan’t, and let me know if you want any further help


    • Thanks XYDAC, you doing a amazing job!!!

      There is one question left for me: Is it possible to put HTML in the custom field?

      I would like to have a break in a text coming from a text-area custom field


      1, 2, 3,
      4, 5, 6

      What I see then is:

      1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      How to solve this problem???

      • Ok, once again the Example:

        1, 2, 3,
        4, 5, 6

        What I see then is:

        1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Hi,
        If you can use php then it’s quite simple use the function `htmlspecialchars_decode()`
        for example you can use

        echo htmlspecialchars_decode(do_shortcode('[xydac_field]xy_project[/xydac_field]'));

        I think this should work but i haven’t tested it, so do let me know if it doesn’t work.


  40. hi iv’e got the following problem
    i need to
    have a master type
    — book
    and in that book
    several different types of pages each with their own icon, page preview and custom inputfields

    and the some childpages / grandchild pages also need to have variations

    example (to hopefully make it more clear)

    –childpage_type 0
    –childpage_type 0
    –childpage_type 0
    –childpage_type 0
    –childpagetype 1 (max amount of grandchid pages = 3)
    —- grandchildpage_type1 no1
    —- grandchildpage_type1 no2
    —- grandchildpage_type1 no3
    –childpagetype 2 (max amount of grandchild pages = 8)
    —- grandchildpage_type2 no1
    —- grandchildpage_type2 no2
    —- grandchildpage_type2 no3
    —- grandchildpage_type2 no4
    —- grandchildpage_type2 no5
    —- grandchildpage_type2 no6
    —- grandchildpage_type2 no7
    —- grandchildpage_type2 no8
    —- grandchildpage_type2 no9 (error) not possible!
    –childpage_type 0

    how to set something like that up in your system?

    • You can use my plugin to manage the custom post types but to make something like this you would require custom php codes. Or you would have to program the way you want things to be handled.
      The plugin currently doesn’t provide such functionality.
      I’ll think over this in my free time..It seems intresting to me.!!


  41. Hi,
    I just started to try your plugin. I made a custom post type and added 2 custom fields of price and size. According to the WordPress codex which you link to from your main page, I should be able to add multiple copies of each custom field to the post. And I can add those fields, but how do I retrieve the 2nd set? When I repeat the shortcode for them, I just get the same (first) value back.
    Or is there a better way to do this that I’m not aware of?

    • Hey,
      You cannot add multiple values for custom field to shortcode, you can just add single values. To save multiple values you need to create multiple custom field.
      and let me know if i got you wrong.


      • Maybe you could update your plugin to handle multiple copies of the same custom field because apparently your code is stepping on the additional ones that I add.
        If I want to retrieve it myself in my custom template file, I can easily get the array of values (it’s the default!). But I can save my 2nd value, see it in the database, but then your code overwrites it somewhere so that it’s the same value as the 1st one entered.

        Seems like it would be a no-brainer to add an attribute to the shortcode for the index into the array and it defaults to zero. And if it says ‘all’ then spit out the whole array. Or vice versa.

      • Hey Joy,
        I try to add that in the next release, It seems quite possible to me…


  42. Tnx for the great plugin. But I also come onto this bug with apostrophes that get improperly escaped (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-ultimate-post-type-manager-bug-in-post-type-labels?replies=2) Kind of makes it not so useful for me now. Is there a quick way to fix it?


  43. Hi XYDAC,
    Great work on the plugin!
    I was just wondering if it’s possible to edit a custom field name. I realise you have disabled that for error-checking reasons. Essentially I want to append a prefix to each field name and then update my sql database to represent this. i couldn’t see if the post type was stored in the database.
    How could I go about doing this without re-entering each and every value in the custom field.

  44. hello . trying your plugin. its really good. i wanted to add that you can have an image as a custom field. you create a text custom field . then you paste the url of the image as the value. and lastly you insert the code in the page/post template “” and the image appears!

  45. hello . trying your plugin. its really good. i wanted to add that you can have an image as a custom field. you create a text custom field . then you paste the url of the image as the value. and lastly you insert the code in the page/post template "" and the image appears!

  46. hello . trying your plugin. its really good. i wanted to add that you can have an image as a custom field. you create a text custom field . then you paste the url of the image as the value. and lastly you insert the code in the page/post template echo htmlspecialchars_decode(do_shortcode(‘[xydac_field]nono[/xydac_field]’)); and the image appears!

  47. Very nice and useful plugin. Thanks for sharing.

    Little problem though. I installed the plugin v1.5 with wordpress 3.0.5. I created some new post types and everything worked fine.
    Just today used the automatic dashboard upgrade to update to wordpress 3.1.

    Suddenly i cannot edit my custom post types any more. even if i create a new type i am not allowed to create a post of that type …

    can you tell me what might be the problem and what could be a way to fix this?


  48. Anyone having problems after upgrading to WordPress 3.1? I’m having issues where even as an admin I can’t edit or create a new custom posts, both for existing and creating new custom types, it’s like I don’t have permissions to post.

    I did check that I didn’t have the capability type field set. Any thoughts?


    • Hmm, well apparently I needed to set “Map Meta Capabilities” to true to make it to work. Looks like that solved the problem.

      Thanks for an awesome plugin!

  49. Xydac,
    After a lot of time and struggle, I determined that your plugin interferes with another plugin called “Query Multiple Taxonomies”, which I need. When I deactivated yours, and used “More Types” instead to get my custom post type, the multi-query plugin worked beautifully. The author says it’s because of modifying the query somewhere, so the multi-query plugin doesn’t kick in.

    But, one of the features I lost when I switched to “More Types” was the rewrite for the single post of the custom type. I prefer the result with your plugin. (can you see a fix?)

    One other thing, using your plugin with QMT would result in a match too soon for the rewrites. For instance, using the URL http://localhost/testsite/?feature=evergreen should show me the posts with the evergreen term for the feature taxonomy. Instead it showed me a single post I had titled “Evergreen Wisteria Vine”. That tells me there is something wrong in the regular expression for the rewrite, or in the order they are checked.

  50. Since upgrading to WordPress 3.1 I cannot edit one of my custom post types – the only option that comes up in the admin post listing is the view option and the post title are not links.

    If I try to add a new post of this type I get the message: “You are not allowed to edit this post.” (I am logged in as administrator)

    I have no problems with the other custom post types for the site – they are still editable. The only difference I can think of is that they do not have any custom fields – the non editable custom post type has about five.

    All was working perfectly until I upgraded to 3.1.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this could be fixed?

    Many thanks

  51. when i try to publish a custom post with the version 3.1 of wordpress it does not allow me to do it. Even as admin, the permission is denied. Does anyone have this problem?

  52. Strange problem occured in WP 3.1 and the plugin is now useless… Details: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/ultimate-post-type-manager-wordpress-31?replies=3

  53. Hi, Xydac;
    You might have noticed that there seems to be an issue with the Ultimate Post Type plugin and WP 3.1; some people have already reported it, including myself.
    Here’s the thread at the WP forum:

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work!

  54. It doesnt seem to work on WP 3.1… ??

  55. problems in wp3.1

  56. does not work on WordPress 3.1

  57. Thank you fo this plugin.

    Sadly it doesn’t work in WP 3.1
    Do you have an ETA when this will be fixed or if it will be fixed?

    Need to know if I should wait for this plugin or look for another solution. Thanks!

  58. To everyone:
    This plugin still works with current version of WordPress.
    You jet need to set Map Meta Capabilities to true from options.


  59. Delighted to discover that this works with latest version of WordPress. I would suggest making the “Map Meta Capabilities” fix really prominent on this page until it becomes a default in the next release. Thanks for a great plugin !

  60. Hi, I need a plugin like yours to create custom post types and fields.
    To display the custom fields you say to use the Shortcode:


    I’m new to WordPress world, could you give more details on how and where to use it?


  61. I have the plugin working beautifully with WP 3.1 I have set up three different post types. The settings for all are identical. However, two of them are showing the Set Featured Image option when I add a new post, but one of them is not displaying the Set Featured Image option at all. I have looked all through the options and cannot find anywhere to turn this on for the last post type. Any ideas?


  62. Ignore my last post – I found it! It needs to be set in the functions.php file for the theme:

    add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’, array( ‘directory’ ) ); // Add featured images for directory listings


    • It’s weird that the theme settings would affect our ability to manage the featured image on the back-end. On one level, I understand the point: “why allow admins to think they can set a featured image when the current theme doesn’t support it?” But then, what if you temporarily switch themes? I’m sure WP doesn’t blow thru the database disassociating all featured images with their posts, so why make it dependent at all?

      I think I’ll write a feature request to the WP devs about it.

    • This didn’t fix it for me. Hmmm.

      • Cancel that. This does work. The problem is that I’m using a child theme of a theme (Alyeska – great by the way!) which explicitly creates its own custom post types and runs this code:

        add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’, array( ‘post’, ‘slide’, ‘portfolio-item’ ) );

        I can’t override it because the child theme functions.php runs before the parent theme, and the add_theme_support function resets theme support when it’s run, evidently. This stinks. What we need is some way to so something like:

        $thumb_support = get_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); // return array of post types which support this feature
        add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’, array_merge($thumb_support, array(‘another-pt’, ‘yet-another-pt’);

        But like I said originally, I think that letting the theme manage whether this shows on the backend is creating headaches that we don’t need.

      • Ya that’s too frustrating for me even.


  63. Hi, i have do an “archive-myposttype.php” and all work correctly, but how i can now get the title of the archive?

    I have try with “single_cat_title” but don’t work.


    • Hi, i have find a solution, i have used this code:
      “echo post_type_archive_title( $prefix, $display );”


  64. I have to say that
    “Map Meta Capabilities to true from options.”
    is not cutting it for me. Do you mean in settings?
    I don’t find anything called options in the left column of the dashboard and nothing about meta capabilities in the “manage post types options”
    After repeatedly searcing for WordPress + options all
    I get is outdated info about what became “settings”
    Maybe I am being a newb
    but I am sure there are others here in the same
    position. Although I love this plug I’m about to jump to away from it because I can’t find a clear explanation to solving this problem

  65. Hi, Have set Map Meta Capabilities to true at options but the plugin is still not working in version 3.1


  66. Hi, how i can show in my template the link and list of custom category and taxonomy, like the default article, for mi custom post type?


  67. Hello,

    I’m using 3.1.2 with plugin 1.5

    I only have one custom post type, and suddenly (presumably in conjunction with some update) it isn’t listing in the admin menu anymore.

    I have show in menu set to true, and also set to true meta capabilities as people mentioned above.

    Is there something else I’m missing?

  68. I’m having trouble migrating my site from my development box to a web site. The problem only pertains to my custom post types that are defined using Ultimate post type manager. Once the site is on the destination domain, the custom post types are missing, both from the manager and from the admin side bar. I’m thinking it might have something to do with the serialized strings that WP uses to store options, since I have to find replace ‘localhost’ with ‘thedomain.com’. Here’s what I do … maybe you can see a flaw in my deployment plan. 1) export the database to a SQL file. 2) replace all ‘http://localhost/’ with ‘http://my.domain.com/’ in the SQL file 3) import the SQL file to live database server 4) FTP all files up tot he server 5) tweak wp-config if necessary

  69. I can’t confirm my suspicion yet, but I can definitely say that the problem had to do with the global find replace of domain names. I had to skip that step and just import the database the way it was, and only change the siteurl in wp_options. Then everything worked.

  70. Hello,

    With 1.6 version, I added a text box custom field to a custom post type.

    Instead of storing the text, it store something like “a:1:{s:4:”text”;s:20:”the_text_entered”;}”…

    Is it normal?


  71. Hi Xydac,

    I have a problem.

    I created a custom type with custom fields. Backend-wise when I save a post with custom fields, it works!

    On the other hand, when I create a form on the front end and use the update_post_meta function…only the first letter is being saved on the entry…this is a sample snippet of my php code.

    $my_post = array(
    ‘post_title’ => $_GET[‘name’],
    ‘post_status’ => ‘draft’,
    ‘post_author’ => 2,
    ‘post_type’ => ‘pledges’

    $post_id = wp_insert_post( $my_post );
    echo “INSERT”;
    update_post_meta($post_id, ‘city’, new Array($_GET[‘city’]));
    update_post_meta($post_id, ‘state’, new Array($_GET[‘state’]));

    As you can see…city and state on the backend are custom fields to the type pledges. But when I check the post…only the FIRST letter gets saved.

    For example I save City = New York, State = New York…what gets saved on the backend is only the letter “N”.

    Any ideas?


    • sorry make that

      update_post_meta($post_id, โ€˜cityโ€™, $_GET[‘city’]);
      update_post_meta($post_id, โ€˜stateโ€™, $_GET[‘state’])

      but anyway,, any string saved only takes the first letter

      • Hey Byron,
        I have made some changes and you need to follow my semantics when saving data.
        Technically all you need to do is update post meta with data in following way:

        array('$field_type' => VALUE);

        So you need to save the data in an array with field type as its key to data.
        So if text was the field type for city you’ll save it as :

        update_post_meta($post_id, โ€˜cityโ€™, new array('text' =>$_GET['city']));

        this should work for you, Let me know if it doesn’t.


      • worked great! thanks!

  72. The latest update to this plugin changed ny list styles on front, affecting normal posts. Bullets are gone. Deactivating this plugins brings my bullets back. Please ensure styling onky affects XYDAC custom post types.

    • Hey Knut,
      Its a minor bug, will be updated in next release. For now if you want you can change the following code snippet in fieldtypes\class-gallery.php
      Search for

      ul { list-style-type: none;}

      Somewhere around line 87
      and replace it with

      div#slider ul { list-style-type: none;}

      It would solve your issue.


  73. Hi I’m having problems where the data is displayed in the front-end but in the admin area, only the first letter is displayed. If I enter data into the custom field and save it. No data is displayed at all.

    What is going on?

    • Hey,
      You are not supposed to be saving data from default custom field interface of WordPress. please use the form generated.


  74. Hi,

    Is this plugin can be translated to another language? Using po and m archives?

  75. Useful plugin, though the distinct lack of documentation is disappointing.

    Can anyone tell me how I can echo all the elements in a custom checkbox field? This is within a template, so am using ‘do_shortcode’ – with little luck. Currently all I get to echo back is ‘Array’.

    • We also suddenly get Array as a result from custom fields, but not through do_shortcode. We have not yet had the to investigate, but this appeared suddenly without any change from us, other than upgrading the plugin.

      • Old custom values are stored as strings. New values are stored as arrays, The problem is updating old values. The old values will not show correctly in the editor fields. Only the first character. If I update this values get destoyed and lost.

        The plugins shopuld at elast show the old values correctly, so that I can save them to the new array format. s for now, I must leave all old values untouched, just to preserve them, at least.

      • Hey, The plugin takes care of old values automatically. It converts the old values to new array format. So if you have updated the plugin the just disable and re enable the plugin once.

        Regards, -Xydac

      • @XYDAC: Sorry. Deactivating and reactivating the plugin does not change anything here. I may have to write a program that converts stringvalue to array(‘text’=>stringvalue) to rescue my values from being destoyed by update in the post editor.

      • May be i misunderstood. But why don’t you deactivate custom fields for the given post types that might solve your problem

      • Do you mean deletiing the custom fields definitions in the plugin? How could that help preserve my valuable custom fields data?

        I will be able to fix this for myself. I wanted to report it to help improve the plugin and may be others that have got into the same situation, if any has

  76. Hey Knut, i have some misconception i guess let me explain to you what plugin does.:
    Initially :
    data was stored as plain text
    data is stored as array. When you upgrade and reactivate the plugin a function is executed that updates all the initial custom fields from plain format to array format.

    Now can you tell me which part is not working. Is the conversion of data from plain text to array not working ?

    • The conversion of data from text to array is not working, or did not work when I tried. Activation of the plugin, after deactivation, did not change anything, at least not the custom fields data format. So, how dows it “know” if it should start the conversion? It can’t be on every activaton, I guess, it now expects that the conversion is already done. How can I “tell it” that on the next activation, it should attempt to convert data?

      • Hey,
        I just made some changes can you just update to new version and check if the conversion is working properly. Just reactivate the plugin to tell it should check for conversion on next reload.


      • Updated to version 1.6.7, deactivated, activated, checked. No change.

      • If you haven’t updated your site yet then please check out the new version. 1.6.8, It does the data conversion for sure. Do let me know.


      • Now THAT (1.6.8) worked! Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Beware – possible regression bug – http://wordpress.org/support/topic/content-not-display-after-upgrade?replies=7#post-2198945 – have not confirmed yet but be careful until it is confirmed.

  78. Am I missing something? I have several templates that used this format:
    ID, ‘video_link’, true)?>
    …to display the custom field “video_link”. That used to work, but now that’s returning “Array”.

    Now I have to find and set “get_post_meta” to a variable (e.g., $content), then echo $content[‘text’] on all my template pages?

  79. If you do a lot with custom fields and template integration, this little addition to your theme’s functions.php file keeps the template code clean:

    function xydac_field ($field) {
    	echo do_shortcode(sprintf('[xydac_field]%s[/xydac_field]', $field));

    Implementation in a theme file:

    <?php xydac_field('custom_field_name') //replace custom_field_name with your field name ?>
    • This weeks update to the plugin included a xydac_get_post_meta function that fixes this problem, also.
      Thanks for that solution though.

      • Nice. As soon as I finish the sites I’m working on, I’d like to put together some more thorough docs for this plugin. If you ask me, this plugin NEEDs to become core, or at least have some very, very simple way to get up and running with it. This is THE plugin to bridge the gap between blog and CMS. Coding post types into the theme doesn’t even make sense – this plugin deviates from that silly direction and creates a sensible workflow for custom PT mgmt.

      • Hey Timothy,
        The plugin does include the function` xydac_get_post_meta `function but the best way to take out values is still as proposed by James using the shortcode, that would be so because it you allow th developer to customize the output in the desired form.


  80. hey,

    i wonder if its possible to search for these custom posts using WP_Query?
    The data fields are containing serialized php values…

    is WP_Query(“my-prop”=>”someval”); possible?

  81. On my test blog, I use WP 3.3 alpha. When this plugin is active, the admin shows a content editor at the top of the pages. You might look into this to prepare for 3.3.

  82. Hi

    I was a bit stressed when I updated and it all went nuts, but I deactivated and reactivated and the strings are now OK.

    Bit of a faff updating the source to deal with the new shortcodes but it all seems to be working well now



  83. One thought, is there a way to export the setup for this? I have a couple of standard setups, one for car sales for example. It would be nice to take the setup intact from one site to a new one rather than manually setup all the fields each time

    Is that possible?

    Thanks again


    • There’s a way to export, all you need to do is click Export link on custom post type page, then copy the contents from the export box.
      To import paste the content in the same page and click on import.


  84. Hi. This is an amazing work!
    I have a question: How do I choose a custom post template for display the custom post type?
    I don’t see where I can do this.
    You say in the home page for this plugin the following:

    “Template Definition

    The users can now define the default template to be used for display of a Custom Post Typeโ€™s Post. This can be done from Custom Post Type Create/Edit Page”

    I don’t find that option anywhere. I’m using the latest plugin and WP version.
    Can you please give me some directions.

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi,
      it’s preety simple actually. Just go to the screen where you created custom post type.there you will file a section called CONTENT HTML. edit is according to your requirement. Remember you should have[content] shortcode in it.


      • Hello again!

        Thanks for your fast reply.

        I’m placing all the template code inside the HTML box and get no results. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. I’m not a code expert :(.

        I was using a plugin that redirects to a custom template named Restaurants and that was working fine. I get all the fields.
        I want to get rid of it and use the template directly from your plugin as it would allows me more flexibility.

        Can you give me a sample of the code to place inside the HTML box.

        Thanks again

        Best regards


  85. I’m back,

    I found a workaround for the template issue by using single-custompostname.php and archive-custompostname.php, so forget about the previous comment.

    I have made all the imput work and everything works fine, but I’m not getting the Content output. No mather how I try, I can’t get it to display. I get all other values from fields and taxonomies correctly.

    I try with the_content, get_the_content, echo shortcode [CONTENT] etc, but no way, the content isn’t showing in the page.

    Is there a special tag or procedure to output the content from a single template.

    Help will be much apreciated.

    Thanks in advance



    • Hey, actually you can create the template for the display of post type by editing the HTML CONTENT you need to add the html,part of the template in this box.there are specific placeholder for different custom fields that you created. you need to add the shortcode for these data.which must be listed below the content box. the placeholder or default content is [CONTENT]

      Hope you get it done easily..

      regards, Xydac

      • Hi Xydac:


        I found that using post_content?> solved the problem and finally I got the content to display in the fornt end.

        One thing I’m missing though is for the custom fields as Link to have a Target different than the default.

        I’m using this tag to display the web address but don’t know how to place a target=”_blank” in the code.

        Is there a workaround for this?

        I think it would be a nice addition to the plugin to have a target for links.

        Again thank you.



  86. Hi,

    I created a link field,
    Every time i use the same label i.e “Filesonic Link” so how can i set this as default.

    Also im getting this msg whenever i try to create a new post

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/17/8021317/html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-post-type-manager/index.php on line 381

    Please help, This plugin is awesome thanks a lot

  87. It would be nice if the ‘Field Value’ for things like Text Boxes and Text Areas was the default value for that field.

    • For example replace:




      in class-text.php line 18

    • I also noticed there might be a $p_fval where there should be a $p_forder in cptfields.php line 396. Let me know if this is the place to post this sort of stuff, or if you just want me to quit bothering you :]

  88. Putting in a value for “Capability Type” breaks the custom post type. It no longer shows up in the menu. Clearing this text field fixes the problem. Thoughts?

    • I have figured this out. You have to install a roles and capabilities plugin. “Role Manager” or “Members” will do. Then you have to use either plugin to manually create the following capabilities:
      Where [capability-type] is whatever you typed in for “Capability Type”. Notice the “s” that are inserted there. This is important. Then you have to assign all BUT the last three capabilities to the Admin role (and any other role you want to see it). Thanks to this article: http://justintadlock.com/archives/2010/07/10/meta-capabilities-for-custom-post-types for clarifying. Not at all intuitive on its own.

      Great plugin, XDYAC. I recommend adding a link to that article or this point as a tool tip or something.

  89. Hi – I love your plugin and I’ll make a donation as soon as I get paid for the web site I’m working on! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m having an issue with a checkbox, though. I’m using version 1.6.9, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

    My page code looks like this:

    if (do_shortcode(‘[xydac_field]featured_dog[/xydac_field]’) == true) {
    // Do some stuff

    Field featured_dog is a checkbox custom field.

    It doesn’t matter what compare value I use (in the above example, I used true), the code after never gets executed. What is the correct value to compare for?


    • Trevor,
      you should compare the return value to string, try `if (do_shortcode(โ€˜[xydac_field]featured_dog[/xydac_field]โ€˜) == ‘true’) `.
      Should be working.


      P.S. if it doesn’t work then try echoing what is getting returned.

      • I tried the echo and it appears to return nothing, regardless of the setting of the checkbox, I think I’m going to have to replace it with a Y/N character field.

  90. Great plugin!

    Is there a way of transforming ritchtext field into a tinyMCE field?


  91. Having a problem with the ATOM feed displaying our custom field as some form of JSON instead of just the text. Ideas?
    (i.e., we have a URL custom field, it’s displaying “a:1:{s:4:"text";s:52:"http://linkhere.com&quot;;}” instead of “http://linkhere.com”.

  92. Great Plug in I must say, thanks for sharing this ๐Ÿ˜‰

  93. thank you webmaster shoot

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