Ultimate CMS Live

Hi all,
I have made an upgrade to this plugin.
The plugins Ultimate Post Type Manager and Ultimate Taxonomy Manager have now been combined to one.
I have also added Ultimate Archive manager and ultimate Page Type Manager.

Please download and use the new version.
Also do test it before using it live and also don’t forget to BACKUP your database.

Plugin URL : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ultimate-cms/ 
Plugin homepage: http://www.xydac.com/ 

Download Link : http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/ultimate-cms.zip



Plugin Redesigned

Request to every one: Please Deactivate and reactivate plugin once on update

Hello everyone out there,

It’s been great to find everyone having fun with my plugin, and it has been quite a satisfaction being the developer for it. I am sorry for not being able to provide adequate support sometimes, but have tried to help as much as possible in my free time. This time i have completely redesigned the plugin so as to provide a better User Interface and increase the performance.

I have rolled out the new version 1.6 of Ultimate Post Type Manager today and here are few of its features.


Internationalized the Plugin

I have added the POT for to the plugin for further translation, I would be really thankful to everyone who can help translate the plugin in their local language.

Template Definition

The users can now define the default template to be used for display of a Custom Post Type’s Post. This can be done from Custom Post Type Create/Edit Page

Import/Export Custom Post Types

This would be a great advancement for designers and developers who can now reuse the created Custom Post Types. Associated Custom Fields are also exported at the time of Export.

New Custom Fields

This is super awesome now, I have added 5 new Custom Field on board namely Image, Link, Rich Text Area, and the best one being an Image Gallery.

Tabbed User Interface in Edit Post Screen

A tabbed interface for various custom field exists, Different tabs are created for different types of field.They are added only for NON Basic fields which is currently only Gallery.
Make your Own Custom Field

Now developers can also add their own Custom Fields by just writing a  class and adding it to Plugin, I will shortly add a tutorial over it.

It has been a great plugin for customizing Custom Post Types, hope every one will like this release. IF YOU LIKE THE PLUGIN THEN PLEASE DONATE ME, TO LET ME HAVE SOME INTEREST OVER THIS.


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